As of 8/1/2020:

We are currently looking to run as many fall and winter programs as we can safely. We will follow all guidelines of our local Office of Public Health and go above an beyond what is required! We will look to run a tutor/distance learning type program for pods as well as recreational programs and "after school classes."

As of 5/1/2020:

With the new order released by the Bay Area Counties we are optimistic about our ability to run camps this summer. They will likely look different from our usual camp as we will have to change our structure and curriculum to adhere to any social distance guidelines. We do anticipate some sites dropping out and will do our best to provide a reasonable alternative.

As we do expect a heavy demand with limited spaces you are welcome to sign up for our summer programs. By registering you are securing your place in line, however at this time we cannot guarantee your placement in a program.

If you register without purchasing insurance and you do not end up with a spot (due to site cancellation, local restrictions, or otherwise) you will be issued a Legarza credit to be used anytime (including any other programs with space offered this summer).

If you register with purchasing insurance and you do not end up with a spot (due to site cancellation, local restrictions, or otherwise) you will have two options: 1) Be issued a Legarza credit (including the amount paid towards insurance) to be used anytime (including any other programs with space offered this summer) or 2) Be issued a refund less the amount paid towards insurance. In other words you will be refunded the amount of the program, not the amount of the insurance. Please note that, while we will process all refunds and will do our best to do it quickly it may take some time to process this due to the large strain it puts on our system.

Please feel free to call, email or chat with any questions. Kindly note that our staff is doing our best and has been flooded with requests.

For those registered for Summer Camp prior to 4/30/2020:

Dear Legarza Families,

We come to you with some good news! Thank you for your patience as we have worked to understand and adjust to the ever-changing State guidelines. We appreciate the overwhelming support we received from our customer base and that has motivated us to keep pushing through.

We want to protect our staff's health and jobs, continue to run the programs that Bay Area has come to depend on for 30 years AND continue to honor the relationship with our customers. This is still a very troubling time for our business, but our staff is committed to making the short-term and long-term financial sacrifices to do right by our customers. We believe it is the way you treat people that matters the most and hope you are able to recognize the effort made by our staff to set the right example - they've been working day and night to allow for the following improved options.

With the recent order by the Office of Public Health allowing for summer camps to operate we are working to establish a safe, fun, and effective program for Summer. Therefore, for those who purchased summer camp, our regular cancellation policy (as posted prior to registration) will apply. That said, we recognize this is a troubling time for all and want to do more.

We have put together three options for you to consider at this time based on your current enrollment:

  • 1 - Maintain your current enrollment, holding your place in line for the limited spots that will be available this summer - this qualifies you to be a lifetime Legarza VIP. Should a spot be unavailable, VIP's will receive one free week per year for the duration of your child's Legarza eligibility + a $100 scholarship that you may assign each year following the aging out of your child. If you do get a spot in our camp this summer we will give you a $50 credit each year your child is eligible for camp, just for sticking it out with us.

  • 2 - You can elect to cancel your registration and we will offer you a full credit that will never expire and can be used for any future Legarza purchase.
  • 2a - Insurance purchased: You can elect to cancel your registration and we will offer you a full credit + $50 (per camp week enrolled) that will never expire and can be used for any future Legarza purchase.

  • 3 - Insurance purchased: While we hope you're able to accept option A or B we've been working hard to gain resources to allow for the option of a refund. Just as the stock market has limits on how many sell orders can be executed in one day, we will have to limit how much we can refund in any given day, but we'd like to extend this option. In light of the new regulations released by local counties we are optimistic in our ability to run smaller programs and utilize this revenue to issue these refunds.

**No action is required for option #1; please respond to this email to take action on the other available options.**

We have begun work on plans for Summer programs based on the current guidelines and will adjust as mandated by State or County officials. At this time, we are investigating the following best practices:

  • Maintaining small groups (currently no more than 12 children) and ensuring that they are with the same coach and that their group does not interact with other campers.
  • High frequency hand washing as well as hand sanitizer availability.
  • Sanitizing equipment after each use.
  • Coaches wearing masks (children can wear them at your discretion).
  • Increased outdoor programs.
  • Temperature checks prior to entry.
  • Heavy emphasis on maintaining social distance while at camp:
  • Our coaches are working on new curriculum to provide fun and active games while ensuring camper safety.

While questions remain, we are working as quickly as we can to plan, execute, and communicate a safe Summer for our campers. As camp dates near, more specific instructions will be communicated regarding locations, drop offs, and safety protocols.

We are looking to Summer with optimism and excitement and again thank you for your kindness and patience while we worked through this unprecedented time.

We've had to lean on the lessons we aim to teach - grit and resiliency - as these times have pushed us to our limits. We hope you see the efforts made to do what is under our control and we appreciate your compassion.

Legarza Team

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